How to stay busy and productive during a pandemic

Stay active during a pandemic

Truth be told, this global pandemic that hit us like a bolt out of the blue, courtesy- the novel corona virus, is something that none of us have experienced before. We have been locked down in our houses, regular routines have gone down the drain and there seems to be no order in anything around us. However, the only silver lining here is the ample amount of time that we have at hand. For some of you, this might be the only problem where you have got too much time but, not as many things to do as such. Well, if that is the case, we will attempt to help you with some ways to stay busy and always have something productive to do during this pandemic.

Make A To-Do List

While most people are of the opinion that you should create a to-do list at the beginning of a new day, we beg to differ. Try delineating the list a day before so that you know exactly when to start from, how many hours are available, and the things you are looking forward to completing in that given span. If you have been putting off certain chores for quite some while, now would be the best time to attend them. Additionally, bear in mind that your catalog should be interesting and for this, you cannot dedicate long hours to a single task.

For instance, if you are intending to clean every bit of your room in a day, which indeed is an excruciating task and will keep you engaged for long hours, we would recommend you slide in some other errands in between that. This will a) break the monotony which is regarded as one of the primary reasons prompting a person to get sluggish, and b) renew your zest to get back at your job.

Stay Active

Staying fit and in good shape qualifies as an imperative to enhance your focus and push yourself to take up more things in a day than you would normally do. You do not have to necessarily hit the gym and use equipment to exercise; you can simply browse through some online videos for ideas regarding home workout and get started. Indulging in some meaty sessions of physical activities regularly will keep your spirits highs and improve agility.

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Learn Something New

There is, without a doubt, no end to learning and you are never too old to try your hands in something that you have time and again pushed out of your league. The point is to pick up something that you are not well-acquainted with yet, holds enough relevance in your life and career, and then getting comfortable with it.

If you are fond of cooking but, have been preparing the same kind of dishes every alternate day, now would be the right time to ditch the usual and begin experimenting. Dig up the history of your favorite cuisine, get to know where it came from, how it evolved in all these years, and its celebrated recipes. If the directions for putting together the delicacy are something extravagant and you do not as many supplies then mold it with a dash of your creativity. Nobody said you can’t have things your way!

Set Aside Some Time For Reading And Self-Care

Reading and pampering yourself with self-care are two great ways of keeping your mind active and heart happy. Once you call it a day, set aside about one or two hours to be capitalized on for these two purposes. If needed, cut back on your screen and social media time and use it on reading informational blogs, books, and so on.

Hope you enjoyed the article, A pandemic is not a nice thing to come around us.


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