Top 10 Richest Families In The World 2020

List of the 10 richest families in the world

What was the last name you Googled? Was it your favorite movie star, the talk-of-town NFL prospect for the next season, or the president? Well, here we are going to talk about the very Richest Families of them all.

Everyone has something they want to know about a public figure for one reason or another. Oddly enough, at some point in time, we all have wanted to know about the world’s richest men, women or families.

What gives the rich or the most successful entrepreneurs a celebrity status? Fantasies about royalty, popularized culture of the old aristocracy, the power of money, or just fascination with fortunes, or plain envy? One wonders!

But the fact is that we all want to know about the wealthiest families in the world. The clans or conglomerates that have enjoyed lavish lifestyles for generations. If the ultra-rich awe you, you aren’t the first!

Which family’s worth more than the mighty Microsoft Corp or Apple or Amazon? Find out here.

The list of the top 10 Richest Families in the world is given below!

1. Walton Family

  • Estimated Wealth: $190.5 billion
  • Country Origin: Mexico
  • Established: 1961

The first on the list of wealthiest families is the Walton Family. The Walton Family has retail business in several countries. Walmart being the most famous and largest of their companies.

Walmart has secured a top place among many stores and retail chains. It brought the Walton family revenues of over $514.4 billion in 2019.

It was founded by Sam and Bud Walton, who worked devotedly to make sure the company thrives and can perform the very best.

Their hard work paid off soon, and now the three children of Sam Walton, Alice, Jim, and Rob are among the wealthiest young entrepreneurs in the world.

2. Mars Family

  • Estimated Wealth: $126 billion
  • Country Origin: Virginia, United States
  • Established: 1911

If you are thinking of giving up on your love for baking, then the Mars’s family might be just what you need to get inspired by.

The family business started from a confectionery bakery that was founded by Forrest Mars Sr. The company grew and gained a massive audience. They are now among the wealthiest people in the world.

This candy empire has given us delicious goods that include Twix, Snickers, and M&M’s. Their products are exported all over the world and are sold at double price.

3. Al Saud-Saudi Royal Company

  • Estimated Wealth: $100 billion
  • Country Origin: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Established: 1720

It is no surprise to witness a Saudi Royal company on the list, right? The royal family has been in power for over a century and has amassed a vast fortune.

It continues to show dominance over oil. So oil production has been the primary source of their Wealth.

Al Saud-Saudi Royal Company has extended family members who are involved in their respective businesses that all have received contracts from the government.

4. The Koch Family

  • Estimated Wealth: $98.7 billion
  • Country Origin: United States
  • Established: 1940

The Koch Family started as an oil-producing company. It was after the father’s death that all four brothers had disputes regarding how the company would continue to run.

After a failed attempt on taking over by two brothers. The other two, Fredrick and William made sure the business was in the right hands and therefore succeeded in becoming one of the richest families in the world.

Koch Industries later became established enough to take part in politics and funding policy making. This group is the second-largest privately-owned enterprise in the US.

They have diligently worked to make money from multiple successful businesses. They have also donated to libertarian, Republican Party causes, justice reform, and much more.

5. The Wertheimer Family

  • Estimated Wealth: $57.6 billion
  • Country Origin: Paris, France 
  • Established: 1910

There is no way a person who is into fashion doesn’t know about this family. Owner of the grand fashion house, Chanel, brothers Gerhard and Alan Wertheimer, have maintained the family’s name and style that was handed over to them by their grandfather, also the founder, Gabriel Coco Chanel.

Chanel has proved to be a symbol of fashion and elegance from the fashion industry to the high-end lifestyle. People all over the world aim to own their items!

6. The Van Damme, de Spoelberch, and de Mevius Families

  • Estimated Wealth: $54 billion
  • Country Origin: Belgium  
  • Established: 1987

Founder of the beer company Anheuser-Busch InBev, the Belgian families have made their spot in the list with a brand revenue of over 16% recorded 2017.

The Van Damme Clan, along with de Spelberch and de Mevius family, all had a decent experience in the brewing field. This is why their strengthening ties are together, resulting in massive success.

The history of beer brewing can be traced back to over 500 years. Which is why their century-old experience resulted in brilliant marketing strategies and what not!

7. Dumas Family

  • Estimated Wealth: $53.1 billion
  • Country Origin: Paris, France 
  • Established: 1837

The Dumas Family has out shined itself with extraordinary fashion that provides both style and comfort in the best possible ways.

It has landed among the wealthiest families in the world with the aid of their fashion house called Hermes.

Hermes has dominated global fashion retailer with a broad range of accessories, from clothing to perfumes and handbags.

The French luxury goods that the company manufactures are made with the most excellent quality raw materials. These are often imported from exclusive sources around the world.

Their recent and very successful collection includes the Birkin bag, which derives the tote bags. Celebrities and fashionistas all over the world considered it a must-have. So it is no wonder why these would make it on the list of richest families.

A story about the Birkin Bag.

birkin bag from one of the richest families

8. The Ambanis

  • Estimated Wealth: $52.3 billion
  • Country Origin: India
  • Established: 1957

Established by Dhirubhai Ambani, this Indian company is known for its extravagant weddings and extravagant miscellaneous celebrations. After all, they have a net worth of $52.3 billion.

The Ambani Family started as a small textile company, which soon grew into a conglomerate. It is now run by the sons of the founder, Anil and Mukesh Ambani.

The two brothers have divided their respective tasks to ensure all the jobs are managed in the best way. Anil Ambani is responsible for maintaining the assets, telecommunications, etc. while Mukesh Ambani has taken full control over its petrochemicals, gas, and oil reserves. 


9. Boehringer, Von Baumbach Families

  • Estimated Wealth: $52 billion
  • Country Origin: Germany 
  • Established: 1885

Working for over a century, This German Pharmaceutical company is run by the Boehringer, Von Baumbach Families.

The two families are in equal partnership, and the shares are also equally divided among them. They have made their products worth the fact that several countries depend on them.

Making 4 million dollars every hour, this family German drug-making company has current headquarters all over the world.

Moreover, their contributions to the field of medicine are also appreciated. Among many gifts, the most successful developments include lactic acid production in high quantities and Chabeso, which is also lactic acid-based. 


10. Cargill, MacMillan Families – Cargill

  • Estimated Wealth: $42.9 billion
  • Country Origin: United States 
  • Established: 1865

 Now, based in Minneapolis, The Cargill Family has worked diligently for over 150 years. They have their roots in several businesses that comprise of food products, agriculture sector, services, etc. It is now the 6th generation of this family that is currently in control. 

 This private global corporation is based in Minnesota. It is the largest privately held corporation in the US in terms of the revenue it generates every year. 

There can be doubt regarding the fact that all these wealthy families originated from nothing. They all witnessed their founders worked day and night to reach where they are now. 

So, as this wealthy dynasty grew, they continued to take part in their country’s politics. Many happen to have a say in the affairs of their government as well.


There are some super-rich families around the globe. Their generations have enjoyed a lifestyle that many of us fantasize about.

However, no family found their fortune locked in a treasure chest. Someone, a long time ago, broke a lot of sweat to set up the empires that dominate the world today. Find out everything about them that you must, but don’t forget to take away something positive from their stories!

We hope you enjoyed this list of 10 richest families in the world.


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