25 Most Surprising Facts About The World That Will Have You In Shock

Surprising facts about the world

Our planet is inhabited by around 7.5 billion people and has many things that are quite shocking. If you want to go into the world of unbelievable shocking facts then here are 25 of the most unique things you must know about.

1. Fitting the world’s population within Los Angeles

Sound’s interesting right. According to NGC the size, almost 7.5 billion people can be accommodated within Los Angeles. If every person in the world stands shoulder to shoulder then the entire world’s population will fit in Los Angeles.

2. Human Brain vs. Supercomputer

If our human brain were a computer chip it will easily beat the world’s fastest supercomputer. One of the shocking facts about the human brain is that it can perform way faster than the most advanced supercomputer.

3. The dancing plague of 1518

Originated in Strasbourg in France you might not have heard of the dancing plague before. It happened in 1518 and the people danced around for days. To this day, historians and scientists have not been able to answer this.

4. Airplane meals taste better on the ground

You might be shocked that the same meal can taste differently due to altitude. The air inside the plane is dry and this reduces our taste and smelling abilities. This is due to low air pressure and background noises.

5. Can dolphins call each other?

One of the strange facts is that dolphins can call each other. Scientists have found that they can call each other by different squeaks and whistles.

6. A planet that floats on water

It is highly astonishing to hear that but Saturn can float on water. Although Saturn is a very large planet it does not have a solid surface. It is made up of gases that are less dense than water. So if there is a big water body then Saturn would float on it. 

7. Oysters can change genders

Oysters can change their sex at least once during their lifetime. They are among the rarest animals on the planet that have both sperms and eggs. Thus it is of the strange world facts that an oyster can fertilize it’s egg.

8. The mystery of pyramids

The Pyramid of Khufu also known as the Great Pyramid is perfectly aligned with the Orion constellation. It is still not known how the architects did this with basic instruments.

9. Do you belong to the Genghis Khan family?

It may sound stupid but researchers have found that one in 200 persons are direct descendants of Genghis Khan. It is not known how many offsprings he gave birth to.

10. KFC fried chicken recipe

The KFC fried chicken recipe is very famous today. But one of the shocking facts is that Colonel Sanders was rejected for 1009 times before finding the first partner.

11. Weight of all ants combined is…..

Ants may seem very small and have little weight. But if the weight of all ants is combined they would add up to the wight of all humans on the planet. 

12. Males give birth to young ones

Although it seems that it is the duty of the females only but in the sea horses the males get pregnant. The males give birth to new offspring’s and the dads will also carry them in a pouch to protect against predators.

13. World facts about Leonardo Da Vinci

We all know Leonardo Da Vinci as a painter, sculpturist, and architect. But the man who painted Monalisa had one unique talent in him. He could write with one hand and draw with the other simultaneously.

14. Can a room be this quiet?

Inside Microsoft’s headquarters is the world quietest room. The noise level inside the room is just 20.6 decibels which is just audible to the human ear. It is so quiet that you can hear your breathing.

15. Most innovations by a single man

Thomas Alva Edison has some interesting facts about him too. He is credited with 1093 inventions singly or jointly. Some of his famous inventions are the motion cameras and the incandescent bulb.

16. An interesting fact about our height

Did you know that our height can vary according to the time of the day? Scientists have researched this and found the knee cartilages compress during the day and hence we are taller.

17. We might not have heard about Google

Google’s founder Page and Brin gave a $750,000 offer to then Excite CEO George Bell to buy the company. He did not accept the deal. Now that’s one of the shocking facts that he will regret for the rest of his life.

18. 1-hour drive to space

Can you imagine that it will take just one hour from your home to space? Although this sounds fictional but driving your car at 60 mph can take you to space. That’s if you can bear the fuel costs for sure.

19. Who owns English swans?

Any swan that is not owned by anyone is owned by Queen Elizabeth II. Although the law was made centuries ago it still stands today. During the third week in July swans in river Thames are counted by the Queen herself.

20. Who can fly higher than Mt. Everest?

Bumblebees have been found by researchers to fly at heights of around 29000 feet. If you think you have conquered the world by reaching the summit of Mt. Everest then you are wrong.

21. World facts: Stopping planes with spider webs

Well, there may be different ways of intercepting a plane head-on. But a spider web is elastic enough to stop a plane in mid-air. Of course, the size of the web has to be proportionate with the plane.

22.Swimming inside a blue whale’s arteries

No one would recommend you to do that. But in case you are wondering how big blue whales are you can swim comfortably inside the arteries of these giant creatures.

23. Arriving late because of the wrong calendar

The Russians missed the 1908 Olympics because they were still using the Julian calendar that did not account for leap years.

24. Have you heard about tongue prints?

Just like fingerprints, our tongue has many impressions called tongue prints. They are just unique to every human-like fingerprints.

25. Blood falls of Antarctica

There is a glacier in Antarctica that pours red liquid. This almost seems like blood. It is one of the shocking facts that scientists have attributed to the high amounts of iron oxides in the glacier.

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